сряда, 3 февруари 2021 г.

U.S. College Alumni Fair 2021
January 31 - February 1                                                                Student Presentations

Kristabel Konta '24

Dartmouth College

Α.Β. in Government

Minors in Public Policy & Markets, Management, and the Economy


Hi, my name is Kristabel Konta and I was born and raised in Sofia. I have studied in a Russian school and graduated from high school in 2020. Right now I am a first year student at Dartmouth College and was honored to be selected as an Ofer scholar.

Throughout grades 10-12 I was able to take part in a number of MEUs—an experience employed in 2018 when I founded the first European Court of Human Rights Mock Trial for high school students. My large interest in law and business has motivated me to pursue a degree in Government with minors in Public Policy and Markets, Management, and the Economy.

During my first term at Dartmouth I was hired as Student Program Assistant at the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy, and was also able to join an international affairs journal as an editor and made it in a dance team.

I can’t wait to take you on a journey through the ways you can showcase your political stances, experience the performance arts, and all other aspects of the college life at Dartmouth!

See you on January 31st!

Здравейте, казвам се Кристабел Конта и съм родена и израснала в София. Учила съм в руско училище, а гимназиалното си образование завърших 2020 година. Понастоящем съм студентка в първи курс в Дартмут и имах честта да бъде удостоена със стипендия  “Офър”.

В периода 10-12 клас имах възможност да участвам в редица модели на Европейския съюз, а през 2018 станах основател на първата симулация на Европейския съд по правата на човека за гимназисти. Интересите ми към право и бизнес ме мотивираха да следвам Държавно управление с фокуси върху публична политика, международни отношения и пазари.

През първия си семестър бях назначена като програмен асистент към Центъра за публична политика “Рокфелер”, като успоредно с това станах редактор към списание за международни отношения и бях приета в танцова програма.

С нетърпение очаквам да ви запозная с възможностите за политическа изява, сценичните изкуства и всички други елементи от живота в Дартмут, които го правят мечтания университет! 

Очаквам ви на 31 януари!






U.S. College Alumni Fair 2021
January 31 - February 1                                                                Student Presentations
Ilia Curto Pelle '22
Princeton University
A.B. in Classics | Ancient History concentration
Certificates in Hellenic Studies, Medieval Studies, and History and Practice of Diplomacy


My name is Ilia Calogero Curto Pelle, a weird mixture of Bulgarian, Italian, and Russian components, born and raised in Sofia with Sicilian and Uralic roots. Currently, I am a junior within the Classics Department of Princeton University, but my journey started at the National Music School of Sofia and passed through the National High School of Ancient Language and Culture “St. Constantine-Cyril the Philosopher." This Sunday, I will be sharing my experience in the study of the Humanities, Foreign Languages, and Ancient History with you at Fulbright's and EducationUSA's Virtual U.S. College Alumni Fair. I look forward to seeing all of you there!

U.S. College Alumni Fair 2021
January 31 - February 1                                                                Student Presentations

Kalina Tsolova '20

Duke University, Princeton University

Ph.D. Student in Biochemistry, B.S.E. in Molecular Biology, Certificate in Neuroscience

My name is Kalina Tsolova and I am a fresh graduate from Princeton’s program in Molecular Biology, where I studied protein interactions in intracellular trafficking. My path to Princeton was long and complicated, starting with a life-long obsession with viruses /which, to my mom’s joy, has subsided a bit/, going through an internship at Sofia University’s laboratory of virology where I studied the effect of plant extracts on herpes viruses, and ultimately culminating in my graduation from Zlatarski International School with two diplomas: Bulgarian and IB. Following my graduation from Princeton this year, I matriculated at Duke’s PhD program in Biochemistry, but will start my studies in Fall 2021 due to the pandemic. In the meantime, I work for the biggest contract research organization in South-East Europe and participate in the bioanalysis of drugs. As someone dedicated to science, I will tell you more about the paths you can take to be a competitive candidate, what molecular biology programs consist of, and how such a degree can be used as a stepping stone for success in academia or in industry, both in the US and in Bulgaria.

Join me at the Virtual College Fair, Jan 31st!